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Background introduction

SilkyWater Asset Management Ltd (CE: BPV723 )was found on 2019 with a headquarter in Hong Kong with asset under management (AUM) exceed HK 3 billions. Under the Securities and Futures Ordinance, CAP. 571 SWAM is allowed to carry on the following regulated activities: 


Type 4 : Advising on Securities


Type 9: Asset Management

螢幕截圖 2022-08-23 上午10.35.22.png

SilkyWater domestic and overseas company structure and related business

螢幕截圖 2022-08-24 下午3.12.07.png

​Service Advantage

The management of SilkyWater with ample experience, connections and services are diversified.

This year, the investment advisory and asset management Brand 4 and 9 business operation has been supported and trusted by peers, and the contracted fund assets have reached $3 billion HK dollars.

SilkyWater has a professional team, according to the needs of customers can provide one-stop service, from the establishment of fund, investment advice, investment management and administrative support, have the different professional talents for the multiple service requirements, or single service needs of customers to provide support, rigorous, professional and flexible, resilient and highly humanized service to customers.

We have customers more satisfied, and save time and cost for customers. The regular internal fixed training of SilkyWater team includes not only professional training but also training on cultural cognition of different regions.

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