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Empowering high-quality enterprises in mainland China to go overseas


IA/IM fund operation management · EAM external asset management · DMA discretionary management · FO family office · QFLP/QDLP cross-border investment

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission - Central No. CE: BPV723

SilkyWater Asset Management Limited


SilkyWater Asset Management Ltd (CE: BPV723 )was found on 2019 with a headquarter in Hong Kong with asset under management (AUM) exceed HK 3 billions. Under the Securities and Futures Ordinance, CAP. 571 SWAM is allowed to carry on the following regulated activities: 

Type 4 : Advising on Securities

Type 9: Asset Management

Core Idea
Create Value for Clients

-Tailor-Made Low Risk, High Return Investments for clients

- IPO and Private Equities Strategy


Mainly invest in IPO and International Placement. Followed by Pre-IPO and ABC Round to seek for low risk, high return investments. 

- Secondary Market Strategy


Invest in leading companies in the new economy, new energy, new consumption and biopharmaceutical industries.

SilkyWater domestic and overseas company structure and related business


External Asset Management Services (EAM)


Discretionary Management (DMA)


Family Office (FO)



Fund Management Service 
  • IA Investment Advisory Services

  • IM Investment Management services


Cross- Boundary Investment Business 
  • US Dollar Entering

Investment Business :QFLP

  • Outbound RMB 

Investment Business :QDLP


Asset Management 

  • External Asset Manager

  • Discretionary Managed Account 

  • Total Return Swap

  • Family Office


Consulting Business

  • Investment Strategy

  • Industry analysis

  • Macro research report

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